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Archeological Museum in Bijapur

Archaeological Museum in Bijapur

Museums in India are famous for the collection of artifacts of the medieval times. Museums protecting the ruins and remaining of ancient dynasties and civilizations are commonly seen in all the heritage cities in India. Bijapur city in the Bijapur district of north Karnataka is also such a place in India, where popular museums in the city protects the artifacts developed here in the ancient times. The history of this city starts in the early stages of the 11th century, when the prominent dynasties of the Deccan region Chalukya dynasty built the city as their capital. Then the city came under the rule of Adil Shahis by the end of 15th century and the dynasty left so many land marks in this city during their time. The archeological museum operating in the compound of Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur is the one and only popular museum in the entire Bijapur district. Artifacts and articles of different eras like medieval times, pre independent era, and post independent era are protected in the archeological museum in Bijapur.

Features of Archeological Museum in Bijapur

The Archaeological Museum in Bijapur is operating in the Naqquar Khana of the Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur.  Actually Naqquar Khana was the trumpet house in the Gol Gumbaz. The place was chosen as the right place to open a museum displaying artifacts of Adil Shahi dynasty and the Archaeological Museum was opened as the district museum of Bijapur in Naqquar Khana, in the year of 1892. The Naqquar Khana stands in front of the Gol Gumbaz within its complex and has two floors in it. The building has constructed in a typical Adil Shahi architecture.

The royal and the large showcases introduced in this structure to keep articles by the British officers, when India was under their control. British people make the site as a wonderful place with a classic interior. The collection of articles in the Bijapur Archaeological Museum includes inscriptions in languages like Arabic, Kannada, Sanskrit, and Persian. So many other objects, which were used during the time between 11th and 17th centuries in Bijapur like, ancient coins, wooden carvings, China wares, carpets, miniature paintings are also available in the galleries of the Archaeological Museum in Bijapur.

Galleries of the Archeological Museum in Bijapur

There are total of six galleries in the Naqquar Khana of Gol Gumbaz situated in Bijapur. Out of the 6 galleries three are on the ground floor and other three are on the top floor of the Naqquar Khana. The first gallery of the archeological museum in Bijapur operating in the ground floor of Naqquar Khana has a unique collection of Brahmanical sculptures and these sculptures are displayed here in an attractive way. The second gallery, besides the first one, on the same floor is offering the view of valuable Jain sculptures. The third gallery in the first floor of the Naqquar Khana displays a beautiful collection of inscriptions of Arabic, Kannada, Sanskrit, and Persian languages. The fourth gallery of the Archaeological Museum in Bijapur operates on the second floor of the Naqquar Khana and it protects an amazing collection of arms, weapons and metal wares used by Adil Shahis in Bijapur between 15th and 16th centuries.

Miniature paintings, China porcelain wares, carpets, Arabic and Persian manuscripts are the important items displayed in the 6th gallery of Bijapur museum. The archeological museum in Bijapur be opened for the public to visit on 6 days of the week and the museum will be kept closed on the Fridays of every week. This museum opens at 10 in the morning and visitors are allowed to enter till 5 in the evening. The archeological museum in Bijapur charges a cheap rate of 2 rupees as the entry fee for a person and the entry to the museum is available free of cost to the children of age less than 15.


  • Address: Archaeological Museum, Station Road, Naqquar Khana, Bijapur-Karnataka – 586101
  • Phone number: (08352) 250728

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