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Bijapur Citadel


The citadel in Bijapur is one of important historical monuments in Karnataka. Thousands of people visit the citadel every day and the historical value of this structure has attracted the tourists since time immemorial. This is a must visit tourist spot in Karnataka to get a deep insight of the historical prominence of the place. The Bijapur fort was built by the Adil shah in 1565 on the site of an earlier citadel called Ark killa.

This Citadel is a centrally located place surrounded by its own walls. There is a wide moat in the center of the premise having number of structures like enclosure palaces, gardens and halls which belonged to the Adil shah rulers. One can see more famous Gagan Mahal, the royal palace, Sat manzil, the seven stories palace of Mohammed Adil shah, the Jal manzil, the very famous water pavilion, and the Bara Kaman, which is the Twelve Arches. This citadel encompasses 100 yards wide ditch, which was formerly used to supply water. The massive structure and the materials used to build this citadel still define the power of Adil Shah Rulers.

Places to See Near Bijapur Citadel

Jama masjid located approximately 1 meter away from the citadel is one the most popular pilgrimage attractions in Bijapur. Gol Gumbaz situated at 2.1 kilometers from the Bijapur citadel was built by Mohammad Adil Shah in 1650 is one of the most visited historical monuments in Bijapur. Ibrahim Rauza is the mausoleum of Ibrahim Adil shah II and his wife. This mausoleum is located approximately 2.1 Kilometers from The Citadel.

Food and Restaurants near the Citadel

The Hotels and Restaurants near Bijapur citadel offers traditional non-vegetarian Mughlai and Hyderabadi foods. Bijapur is very famous for its traditional sweets made from milk. The visitors can get sweet items from the shops near the citadel. Along with this delicious food the hotels provide good facilities for their customers.

Shopping at Bijapur Citadel

Roopam Plaza is one of the shopping malls Near the Bijapur Citadel. Roopam plaza offers a unique experience of shopping to each and every individual. Tourist can also purchase the traditional items of Bijapur from this mall. The modern construction of this mall allows the visitors to finish their shopping in a very comfortable manner.

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