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Bijapur in One day

One Day Trip to Bijapur

Bijapur, the city of victory has a rich heritage and medieval monuments sprinkled all over the district. This historical and beautiful district promises to take back to the era of its great historical monuments which have interesting stories to tell you about the period. Lots of travelers visit every year the famous historical attractions in Bijapur. The Islamic architecture and historical monuments reflects the heritage of this district. Gol Gumbaz, Jumma mazjid, Malik-e-maiden are the most visited attractions in this district. This guide will help the travelers to enjoy these famous places in Bijapur in one day.

Major Attractions in Bijapur

There are many places to visit in Bijapur like palaces, monuments and mosques and so on. Gol Gumbaz is famous and the largest monument in Bijapur. It is the mausoleum of Muhammed Adil Sha, the former ruler of Bijapur city. Besides this famous monument, the tourists can visit Ibrahim Roza. It is the most impressive structure in this district. It is known for its beautiful and highly decorative carvings and it is also known as the Taj Mahal of Deccan.

Mehtar mahal is a small and beautiful structure built in the Indo Saracen style. Malik-e-maiden is one of the unusual attractions in the city. It is the largest medieval metal bell gun in the world weighs 5,500 kilograms and 4.5 meters length.

Things to Do in Bijapur in One Day

Best time to visit Bijapur is between the months of September and February. In these months the temperatures ranges from 20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. The weather in this region is pleasant except for the summer. One can make a one day visit to the head quarters of Karnataka. There is a lot of thing to do in one day.

Mainly the tourists come to Bijapur to visit the historical places as this district was the capital of the Mugal dynasty during the reign of Muhammad Adil Shah. When the tourist comes to Bijapur they often have the doubt about what to do in bijapur. There are about eight famous tourist sites in Bijapur to visit. Gol Gumbaz is the main tourist attraction in bijapur you must visit. Tourists mainly visit this tomb because the slightest noise in echo chamber attracts everyone who visits Gol Gumbaz. Gol Gumbaz is about 3 kilometers from Bijapur.

After visiting Gol Gumbaz one can visit the Ibrahim Roza, the tomb of Adil Shah II and his family and this tomb were built by an Iranian architect. Ibrahim Roza is famous for its proportion and symmetry. Jumma Masjid is the one of the must visit tourist attractions in Bijapur. It is the largest and most beautiful mosque in India. If the travelers are interested in weapons and battleground, they can visit the Malik-e- maiden. This is one the largest metal bell cannon in the world.

Interesting Places near Bijapur

After visiting these historical sites one can go for small excursions in to the nearby cities like Aihole and Badami. As the capital of the Chalukyan Empire, the city Aihole has many Hindu temples. These temples in this city increase the beauty of Aihole. The Badami town is famous for its cave temples. Badami has four prominent cave temples. Two of them are dedicated to lord Vishnu and one to lord Shiva and other one is a Jane temple.

Bijapur is a rural area so tourists have to settle for small shops and bazaars for shopping. Bijapur is famous for irkali saries so for the memory of this trip you can buy a sari for your loved ones. After shopping you can relax at the hotels in Bijapur and can experience the traditional food of Bijapur. You can an auto rickshaw, a tanga or a taxi to cover all the places to before 1 pm. you can take abus from bijapur to Bagalkot and then another bus to badami. You can reach badami or Aihole around 6 pm.

How to Reach Bijapur

One can reach Bijapur By bus, regular buses from major cities ply buses on hourly basis and the bus stand is near to the city center. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation is also ply bus to Bijapur. Bijapur is well connected by rail to major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Bijapur has its own railhead located just 2 kilometers from the main town and this railhead is known as Dantewada railway station. Bijapur does not have its own airport. Belgaum is the nearest airport located 205 kilometers away from Bijapur. Tourists can hire a cab to reach Bijapur from the airport. Local transportation facilities such as Auto Rickshaws, cabs, Tata Sumos and Tata Indicas are available in Bijapur to move around the cities.

Itenary for One day Trip to Bijapur

  • 05.00 am. Arrival at BIjapur hotel.
  • 06.00 am - 08.00 am Breakfast
  • 08.00 am Visit Gol Gumbaz, Jumma Masjid, Ibrahim Roza, Big Cannon, Upari Burj, Barah Kaman
  • 12.00 am-vist Almatti dam
  • 01.30 pm Lunch Almatti dam
  • 03.15 pm - 04.15 pm Visit Kudalasangameshwara Temple & Basavanna Samadi
  • 04.30 pm - 05.00 pm Visit Anubhava Mantapa
  • 08.30 pm To 09.30 pm Dinner at the hotel

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