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Business and Economy in Bijapur


Bijapur, one of the famous heritage cities in Karnataka state is also one of the industrially developing locations in the state. The business sector in the Bijapur area mainly constitutes of cements and sugar industries. The government of Karnataka state also shows interest in encouraging business with the neighbouring states in the district of Bijapur, which shares boundaries. However agriculture and related business is the major livelihood of most of the people resides in Bijapur.

Economy of Bijapur

7,760 square kilo meters of land is used for the agricultural purposes from the total geographical area of 10,530 square kilo meters in Bijapur. From the above fact it is clear that 74% of the total area of land, in Bijapur is used for cultivation and the main occupation of majority of the people in the locality is farming. 17.3% cultivating lands in the districts are irrigated regularly. Cultivation on rest of the lands depends on monsoon season.

Cereals and pulses are some of the prominent crops cultivated in Bijapur. Cereals like jowar, maize, bajra, wheat and pulses like red gram, Bengal gram and green gram are widely cultivated in the farms of Bijapur. Sunflower, groundnut and safflower are the oilseed crops and grapes, pomegranate, guava, sapota and lime are the fruit corps cultivated in the farms of Bijapur. Cotton and sugarcane are the major commercial crops cultivated in the Bijapur district and the records shows that the land used for the cultivation of the commercial corps are being increased every year in the district.

4% of the total no. of farmers in Bijapur is cultivating corps in marginal level and they hold 0.6% of the total agricultural land of Bijapur. 27.5% of farmers in the area cultivating in medium levels, own the 10.1% of the total agricultural land of the district. The large scale farmers, who hold 89.3% of total cultivating land of Bijapur is the major group among the farmers of Bijapur and they are more than 60% of the total no. of farmers in the area. Small scale industries are largely seen in Bijapur, when large scale industries are found rarely. Small scale industries and agriculture can be considered as the back bone of Bijapur’s economy.

Economy of Bijapur in Historic Times

The ancient city of Bijapur was one of the famous centers of business in the Deccan region during the rule of Adil Shahi dynasty in Bijapur. Travelers and merchants from different parts of India and foreign countries were regular visitors to the markets in the ancient city of Bijapur. In the 17th century, Mughal Emperor Akbar and his commissioner Mirza Asad Baig visited the city of Bijapur and Mirza Asad Baig have mentioned about the economical strength and markets of Bijapur in his writing "Haalat-e-Asad Baig".

Markets established in the city of Bijapur by Adil Shaihs helped in the economic growth of the city. Yusuf Adil Shah, the founder of the Adil Shahi dynasty opened the Markovi Bazar, Naghthana Bazar, Thana Bazar, Daulat Bazar, Dahan Khan Bazar, Murad Khan Bazar, Markur Bazar, Palah Bazar, Mubarak Bazar and old Shahpeth Bazar in Bijapur. Ismail Adil Shah, son of Yusuf Adil Shah established the markets like NakaBazar, Kamal Khan Bazar, and Bare-Khudavand Bazar in Bijapur.

Ibrahim Adil Shah I opened many markets in his capital city. Jagate Bazar, Sher Karkhana Bazar, Roa Bazar, Rangeen Masjid Bazar, Karanzah Bazar, Fateh Zaman Bazar, Sara Bazar, and ShikarKhan Bazar in ancient Bijapur city can be considered as the markets opened by Ibrahim Adil Shah I. Ali Adil Shah I found the Jumma Masjid Bazar, FarhadKhan Bazar, SikandarBazar, Dilir Khan Bazar and Haidar Bazar in Bijapur during his ruling in the city. Padshahpur Bazar and Shahpeth Bazar were found by Mohammed Adil Shah and Ali Adil Shah II respectively during their time in Bijapur. Major suburban markets in Bijapur were called as Peths in medieval times. Habibpur Peth, Salabatpur Beth, Zohrapur Peth, Tahwarpur Peth, Afzalpur Peth, Khudawandpur Peth, Sikandarpur Peth, Danatpur Peth, Quadhpur Peth, Imampur Peth, Khwaspur Peth, and Kumutagi Peth were the well known Peths in old Bijapur city.

Economical Statistics of Bijapur

The level of investments in different industries is increasing every year in Bijapur. This increase in investment could provide more employment opportunities to the people of Bijapur during last few years. The investments in Agro & Food industry, Handloom sector, wooden furniture industry and other wood works increased during the last few years in a good rate. Sugar factories and cement factories, which are less than five in numbers, are the major large scale industrial establishments in Bijapur. These industries provide employment to nearly 2000 people in Bijapur.

Future of Industrial Sector in Bijapur

For the development of the industrial sector in Bijapur many plans have been formed by concerned authorities. A list of some of the industries conceived for the coming years of the Bijapur district is added here:
  • Stone cutting polishing
  • Stone crushing
  • Cotton Ginning
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Power looms
  • Woolen products
  • Leather Tanneries
  • Leather products
  • Paper & Paper products
  • Fuel Briquettes Fly Ash Bricks & Blocks
  • Rice Milling
  • Dal Milling
  • Oil milling
  • Edible oil extraction
  • Cement Industries
  • Clinker Grinding
  • Cement based products, Poles, and Pipes Sleepers
  • Bricks and Blocks
  • Precast Cement products
  • Cement paints

Major large scale industries operating in the city are:

  • Anjani Portland Cement
  • Dyanayogi Shri Shivkumar Swamiji Sugars Limited
  • Nandi Sahakari Sakkare Kharkane
  • Sri Keshav Cements & Infra Limited

Assistance to Entrepreneurs in Bijapur

There are many agencies working in the district of Bijapur on the intention of providing assistance to the entrepreneurs and empowering the industrial sector of Bijapur. A list of some of such agencies operating in Bijapur is compiled below:

District Industries Centre, Indl. Estate, Shikar Khana, Bijapur
Type of assistance: Provisional Registration Certificate (EM-1), Permanent Registration Certificate (EM-II)

KSSIDC, I.E., Bijapur

Type of assistance: Land and Industrial shed

Nationalized Bank, PGB, DCRB, Bijapur
Type of assistance: Financial Assistance

KSSIDC Bijapur
Type of assistance:
For raw materials under Govt. Supply

HESCOM, Bijapur
Type of assistance
: Power/ Electricity

Lead Bank, Bijapur
Type of assistance:
Financial Assistance

BPOs in Bijapur

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a popular method used in business today. The methods is used widely in IT and related fields in India. This process involves contracting of tasks and responsibilities to a third party, offering services. Bijapur, a heritage spot in Karnataka is also one of the developing locations in the state. Many BPO centers are being sprouted at different sides of this city to boost the developments and business in Bijapur. BPOs in Bijapur commonly handle the tasks related to providing of human resources, accounting and front office jobs like contact center services and customer care services. Some of the popular BPOs in Bijapur are listed below:

BPO in Bijapur

List of Major Call Center in Bijapur

Microno India Limited
Address: 29, Gangadhar Nilaya, Behind Consumer Court, Krushi Nagar,
Ibrahimpur, Bijapur (dist) Karnataka - 586101
Phone number: 9972012538

Infotech Solutions
Address: 1st Floor, Math Complex, Vivekanand Circle, Kolhar, Bijapur (dist) Karnataka - 586210

Orion Edutech
Address: Bijapur city, Bijapur (dist) Karnataka - 586209
Phone number: 9845530320

Mallikarjun S Loni
Address: Near Lingad Gudi, Chalukya Nagar, Bijapur (dist) Karnataka – 586101

S K International
Address: Bijapur city, Bijapur (dist) Karnataka - 586209
Phone number: 8401383238

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