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Camping and Trekking in Bijapur


Camping and trekking are always popular choices of people in India to have some real rejuvenating time. The city of Bijapur, one of the popular heritage sites in the north of the Indian state Karnataka is surrounded with a no. of trekking destinations. Hill stations and historic sites lies around the 300 kilometer circle of Bijapur are wonderful locations for camping and trekking. Monuments and temples of the Chalukya dynasty, built before centuries spreads all over these trekking destinations, offer a memorable experience to the travel enthusiasts. Some of the major trekking destinations located around the city of Bijapur are mentioned below:


Nersa is a picturesque hill station located around 230 kilometers distant from the city of Bijapur. This trekking destination stands on the border of Karnataka and Goa states in India. Trekking along the picturesque sites of Nersa, one of the richest bio diversity spots in the country is capable of providing the travelers an offbeat travelling experience. Spending some hours in this location would provide a close view of a large no. of birds and animals. Bhimgarh, Kongla, Abnali and Jamgoan are other popular tourist destinations located close to Nersa. Some of these locations are inaccessible along road and travelers love to choose these locations for trekking.


Sirsi is home to lush green forests and waterfalls. This place is located around 280 kilometers away from the heritage city Bijapur and 400 kilometers northwest to the capital of the state Bangalore. One of the famous rivers in Karnataka starts from a place near to Sirsi called Donihalla. This river further cascades along the huge rocks in the Sirsi hill area, generating a number of small waterfalls and panoramic views of unique sites with exotic wildlife, green forest and whirling water. Banavasi, Sahasralinga and Unchalli falls are famous locations around Sirsi. Marikamba temple is a popular temple in the location built in the 16th century.


Panchgani is also a popular hill station located near to Bijapur. This beautiful trekking destination is situated in the neighbouring state of Karnataka, called Maharashtra. The word Panchgani means the location of five hills and the picturesque hills in Panchgani makes its name a meaningful one. When India was under Britain, the place was used as a fun destination by the British officials, during the summer season. The chilled atmosphere and unpolluted air in Panchgani offer a unique experience of trekking to the tourists. Cottages built during the colonial era are available here for the tourists to stay.


Badami can be considered as one of the closest trekking destinations to the heritage city of Bijapur. Badami is situated in the Bagalkot, a neighbouring district of Bijapur. This is an ancient city built by the Chalukya dynadty and it hosts numerous architectural attractions built by Chalukyas. People from nearby places including Bijapur, select this location for trekking. Badami is found with the presence of beautiful sandstone hills.  Walking through the sandstone hills of Badami to explore the world famous cave temples in the location would be a memorable trekking experience. Agasthya Lake situated in the middle of many hills is an important land mark of Badami.


Mahabaleshwar is a popular trekking destination located around 300 kilometers away from Bijapur. This beautiful hill station lies close to the Western Ghats. The site stands at a height of 1372 meters from the sea level is an ideal location for trekking near to the Bijapur city. This place is located in the state of Maharashtra. There are about five rivers in Maharashtra starting from this region and the presence of these rivers makes it a lovely spot.


Aihole is one of the trekking destinations as well as heritage sites in north Karnataka, easily accessible from Bijapur. A journey of less than two hours is enough to reach this site from Bijapur. Aihole is famous in the country for the presence of ancient temples built by Kalyani Chalukyas. Trekking to Aihole will provide views of a number of ancient structures and ruins. Malaprabha River is a river flowing through the location. This river enhances the beauty of this location and makes Aihole an ideal location for trekking near to Bijapur, in Karnataka. Ravana Phadi and Gowda temple are two famous cave temples in this area.


Hampi is an ancient city built at a beautiful location in Karnataka. This site is located around 190 kilometers apart from the city of Bijapur and it has the qualities of a good trekking destination. Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagara kings in the historic times and heritage monuments including some famous temples and caves are located here. It is being said that Hampi is the location mentioned in Ramayana as Kishkintha. Tungabhadra River flowing through Hampi creates here some beautiful sights of the nature. Hampi, a popular trekking location is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in India.

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