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Emergency Services in Bijapur

Emergency Services in Bijapur

The availability of emergency services can be considered as a standard of measurement of the progression of a locality. Better emergency services are ensured in all of the developed cities in the world. The city of Bijapur, located in the south Indian state of Karnataka, about 500 kilometers away from the capital of the state is one of the developing cities in the area. As the city is developing corresponding improvements are seen on the availability of the emergency services in Bijapur. The emergency services like hospitals, ambulance, police, fire force and disaster management system are far better than how it was in the last decades. This means a considerable improvement has been occurred in the quality and availability of emergency services in Bijapur.

Emergency Numbers in Bijapur

All the emergency services in the city of Bijapur can be accessed through the emergency phone numbers provided by the corresponding departments. These emergency numbers, active in the city of Bijapur will be useful to handle the emergency situations faced by the resident of the city as well as the travelers to the city of Bijapur. Travelers to the city are advised to note all the emergency numbers available in the city of Bijapur to handle the emergency situations comfortably. Help in all the emergency situations like fire, flood, health problems, and theft is available to the common people in the city just by dialing the emergency numbers. Some of the important emergency numbers in Bijapur are:
  • Civil fire station Bijapur: (08352) 270160, (08352) 270101
  • Police control room Bijapur: 08352 250844
  • Ambulance in Bijapur: (08352) 243727   
  • Traffic police Bijapur Phone:  (08352) 252600
  • Deputy Commissioners Office in Bijapur: 08352 250021    
  • Superintendent of police Bijapur: 08352 250152
  • Additional superintendent of police Bijapur: 08352 250040

Car Repairing and Services in Bijapur

It would be really inconvenient for the travelers, getting their car breakdown on the roads of a city like Bijapur. But the car care services in Bijapur are just at the distance of a phone call. There are so many automobile workshops in the heritage city of Bijapur. These establishments always show quick and positive response to their customers. Some famous car repairing service providers in Bijapur are:
  • Bijjargi Car Solutions
  • Address: Near B A Bijjargi Petrol Pump, Bus Stand Road, Bijapur Ho, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586101
  • Phone number: (08352) 243031   
  • Bangalore Motors
  • Address: Opposite Patil Motor Stores, Indira Auto Nagar Backside Station Road, Bijapur Ho, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586101
  • Phone number: (08352) 250546   
  • Shakuntala Automobiles
  • Address: Near Shri SAI Daba, National Highway 13, Bijapur Ho, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586101
  • Phone number: (08352) 267353   
  • Shafiq Auto Works
  • Address: India Auto Nagar, Bijapur, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586209
  • Phone number: 9945015090   
  • RNS Motors
  • Address: Behind Ramakrishna Hospital & Gopal Industries, Solapur Road Bijapur, Bijapur-Karnataka - 586101
  • Phone number: (08352) 242820

CARE (Carnation Assistance for Roadside Emergencies), Bijapur

The CARE is an establishment providing vehicle related services. The CARE office in Bijapur helps their customers in overcoming road emergencies of vehicles like breakdown of the vehicle, empty fuel tank, car ignition trouble, loss of keys, and accidental breakdown in Bijapur. The 24x7 hours service is available for the CARE customers.
  • Toll free no: 1800 102 4400

Disaster Management in Bijapur

Bijapur integrated rural development society (BIRDS) is the dominant name in the disaster management sector of Bijapur. The BIRDS forms rapid response plans to face the disaters and the organisation have been working successfully in the location for more than 15 years.

Major objectives of BIRDS

  • Undertake the relief operations with an aim to console the affected people and provide hope in times of distress.
  • Provide all possible and necessary reliefs to the people during the time of natural and manmade disasters.
  • Make the arrangements for collection of information through the activities of BIRDS.
  • Study and analyze the situation during time of disaster.
  • Prepare the contingency plan for organization preparedness
  • Be in regular contact with all Government, NGOs and Resource Groups for disaster management.
  • The BIRDS collect and store all the information related to the disasters in Bijapur.
  • It also maintains all documents and records pertaining to disaster relief operations.

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