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Major Festivals and Fairs in Bijapur

Festivals and Fairs in Bijapur

Festivals are the major part of Indian life style. There are a number of festivals in India, celebrated every year. Bijapur, a small city located in the Karnataka state in India is one of the places in the country celebrating so many festivals. All the poplar festivals in Karnataka and India are celebrated in Bijapur along with some local and exclusive festivals of Bijapur. Occasions of Deewali, Dussera, Makara Sakranti, Ugadi, and Eid are celebrated by the people of Bijapur. Some of the famous festivals celebrated in Bijapur locality are described below:

Banashankari Devi Fair in Bijapur

Banashankari Devi fair is a well known fair conducted in Badami. Presently Badami is in the district of Bagalkot, a neighboring district of Bijapur. Before the separation of Bagalkot from Bijapur, Banashankari Devi fair was an important event conducted in Bijapur. Even now the Banashankari Devi fair is one of the well liked festivals for the people in Bijapur.

This fair is conducted in Badami on the month of January, every year. Banashankari Devi fair starts on the day of full moon in January and will last for 10 to 12 days. Rathotsava is a popular event held in Banashankari Devi fair. Items including agricultural products and utensils are displayed and sold as a part of this fair.

Bijapur Music Festival

Bijapur music festival is the most popular festival conducted exclusively in Bijapur. This festival is also known in the name Navaraspur Music Festival. Navaraspur is the name of the location where the event is conducted. Navaraspur Music Festival is organized every year by the local administration in Bijapur.  The venue of this festival is close to the ancient Sangeet Mahal built by Adil Shahi Empire to encourage music and arts in the city. Today also the government organizes this festival with an intention to encourage arts in this locality. January and February months are the time, when the Music Festival is conducted in Bijapur.

Other Festivals in Bijapur

Festivals like Holi, Deewali, and Shivratri are celebrated in Bijapur alike anywhere else in India and some of such festivals celebrated in Bijapur are listed below:

Ugadi in Bijapur

Ugadi is the first day of the month of Chaitra, and celebrated as New Year in entire Karnataka. During the festival of Ugadi, people in Bijapur wear new cloths and prepare special food items. Ugadi is considered as the season to start sowing by the farmers in this locality.

Dussera in Bijapur

Dussera is an important festival celebrated in Bijapur. The celebrations starts in the month of September and it will last for ten days. This festival commemorates the victory of goddess Durga over demon Mahishasura.

Maha Shivaratri in Bijapur

Maha Shivaratri is celebrated on the 14th day of Magh, a lunar month. The festival is one of the most celeberating times for people in Bijapur. Celebrations on Maha Shivaratri will last a whole night.

Deepawali in Bijapur

Deepawali is the festival of lights and the word Deepawali means array of lamps. The celebration is a sign of victory of light over darkness and good over evil. This celebration usually last for five days.

Ramzan in Bijapur

Ramzan is one of the important festivals of Muslim community in the region. The festival is celebrated after the strict and regular fasting for some weeks. The occasion is the time for celebration in the entire Bijapur city.

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