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Food in Bijapur

Food in Bijapur
Mosaru Bajji

The cuisine of Bijapur is one of the diverse cuisines in India. Restaurants in Bijapur serve dishes from south Karnataka, north Karnataka, and north Indian states. Various vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are included in the Bijapur cuisine. Dining out in the Bijapur restaurants would be an unavoidable part of a trip to Bijapur. Eating from traditional restaurants and street restaurants in Bijapur, where authentic Karnataka dishes are prepared attractively would be a unique experience, providing better understanding about the life style and cuisine of the Bijapur location.

North Karnataka Food in Bijapur

The North Karnataka food, which is becoming a demanded brand of food stuffs in the south sides of Karnataka and North Karnataka is the special of Bijapur cuisine. The cuisine is similar to the cuisines in some other locations in north side of Karnataka like Dharwad, Hubli, Gulbarga, Belgaum, Bidar, Yadgir, Bagalkot, Raichur, Davangere, Gadag, Haveri, Koppal and some areas in Bellary.

Vegetarian Meal in Bijapur

Enjoying a vegetarian Northern Karnataka meal from the restaurants of Bijapur would be a memorable experience in a trip to the historic city of Bijapur. Different delicious dishes included in a typical a vegetarian Northern Karnataka meal is mentioned below. These can be considered in the list of “must try” dishes on a visit to Bijapur.

Rice is the primary items served in a north Karnataka vegetarian meal other items are:
  • Rotti or Bhakri: It is a kind of bread made from Jowar flour. Some times Bajra and Wheat flour are also used instead of Jowar flour.
  • Enne-gai: It is a kind of badane kaayi bulb stuffed with ground peanut, ground sesame, ginger, garlic, garam masala, salt, and spices.
  • Shenga or Ellu chutney: It is a kind of chutney in which ground peanut and sesame are main ingredients.
  • Kempu Khaara: this is a type of chutney made with red chilies.
  • Mosaru bajji: It is a type of salad prepared with yogurt
  • Raw Salads: Raw Salads of scallion, onion, green chili, and menthe leaves are served commonly with a typical north Karnataka meal.
  • Saaru: Saaru is soup prepared commonly with pepper cumin, coriander seeds and tomato.

Festivals and Food in Bijapur

Alike in all other areas in the north Karnataka, special food recipes are prepared during the occasions of festivals in Bijapur. The details of some of such festivals and corresponding dishes prepared in Bijapur are listed below:
  • Sankranti: It is the harvest festival celebrated in Karnataka and the special food items prepared for Sankranti are Madeli, holige of gingelly seeds, Bengal gram dal, ground nut, jawar roti, bajra roti, bharta, chutney powders of Niger, linseed and ground nut.
  • Shivarathri: Godhi huggi, allittu, Bengal gram usali, moth bean usali and holige are the items prepared on the occasion of Shivarathri.
  • Holi: On the day of Holi, holige, jowar wade, and pumpkin gargi are prepared by the people live in Bijapur and nearby locations.
  • Ugadi: Ugadi is Kannadiga New Year celebrated in Karnataka and the special food items served on the occasion of Kannadiga New Year are holige, karigadabu, vermicelli payasam, bevu bella and godhi huggi.
  • Basava Jayanthi (birthday of Basava): It is an important festival celebrated in Bijapur, the birth place of Basava, the founder of lingayat community. Prominent dishes prepared to celebrate Basava Jayanthi are holige, karigadabu and mango shikarane.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi: godhi huggi, holige, modaka, vermicelli payasam, sajjaka, jawar roti, mesta bhaji, rice curds, panchakajjaya, karigadabu and gudagana huggi are prepared in the houses of Bijapur on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
  • Deepavali: holige, karigadabu, karachikayi, laddu of semolina, besan and sajjakada holige are served with other regular dishes in Bijapur during the festive days of Deepavali.

Street Food of Bijapur

Delicious and authentic Bijapur food is available in the restaurants and food centers working in the streets of Bijapur. These kinds of local Bijapur food items can be considered as the most demanded food stuffs of Bijapur. One doesn’t need to search too much for finding a good street restaurant in the city of Bijapur since there so many street food centers operate within the city of Bijapur. These restaurants serve yummy Karnataka flavors at exclusively reasonable prices. A list of some of the street restaurants in the Bijapur locality is added here:
  • SS green park dhaba
  • Ghar dhaba
  • Chaudhary dhaba
  • Vaibhav hotel dhaba
  • Srigiri dhaba
  • Shankar dhaba
  • Chetak dhaba hotel
  • Akshya dhaba

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