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Gardens and Parks in Bijapur


Bijapur is well known for its great historical architectures. There are many famous places to visit in Bijapur and this district still maintains its royal character. Some of the famous places you must visit are gardens and parks in Bijapur.

Popular Parks and Gardens in Bijapur

Gol gumbaz garden, rock hill garden in Alamatti dam, Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Park and Netaji Park are the famous parks and gardens in Bijapur district.

Gol Gumbaz Garden

Gol gumbaz is the main attraction in Bijapur city. Gol gumbaz is an ancient tomb of Mohammed Adil shah who ruled this city between 1627 and 1657 and Gol Gumbaz is the second largest tomb ever built. The surroundings of this tomb have been converted into beautiful garden and reserved by the archeological department of India.

Parks and Gardens in Alamatti Dam Bijapur

In Alamatti dam, there are about seven beautiful terrace gardens have been developed as a picnic spot in the dam area. It is one of the well maintained garden in north Karnataka and a must visit spot in Bijapur district. It is a place where nature and man skills blend perfectly to form a scenic beauty. It is the perfect place in Bijapur to have fun and party. The music fountain in Alamatti dam is one the best music fountain in Karnataka. The seven terrace gardens developed on the Alamatti dam site include Rock Garden, Mughal Garden, Krishna garden, Italian earlier style garden, Italian later style garden and French garden. There are two parks in Alamatti include Gopal Krishna Park and Lavakush Park.

Moghal Garden

It is one of the added attractions at the Alamatti dam site. This garden is spread over 33 acres with beautiful landscapes exotic plants, musical fountains, and the swift flowing Krishna. This sprawling 33 acres garden has the carvings of many wild animals and reptiles such as snakes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, monkeys, gorillas, elephants, tigers and yak. The features of this garden are the seven square terraces at different elevations connected by steps and sloping lawns in between. The water bodies and musical fountains in Moghal garden are taken in a rectangle grid iron system in each terrace. This beautiful garden offers an exciting view for visitors from the dam.

Rock Garden

There are many attracting sectors in this garden like silver lake area, children sector, dinosaur sector, reptile sector, fair and picnic scene, animal and bird sector, butterfly sector and sunrays sector. This garden has already created lawn hedge, ground cover, a beautiful flower bed, shrub planting, herb planting and tree planting. There is a small pound with pedaling boats and herbal plants in rock garden. The rock garden depicts the various traits of modern day art, species of erstwhile era, reptile park and artificial power park will amaze the visitors.


Italian Earlier Style Garden

The Italian early style garden is characterized by the fountains and this garden is connected by the pathways with avenue tree on either side from the terrace of Mughal garden. This garden is having structure like entrance pavilion, portals and rotunda of Italian architecture. It also has a dragon fountain with a proposed statue of Italian God or Goddess. Fishponds in the middle of this garden aligned perpendicular to central axis are another feature of this garden.

Italian Later Style Garden

This garden is an improved version of Italian earlier style and the structures are of Italian architecture. This garden is connected by the Italian earlier style garden. There is a pond with two structures on either side called logia building at the entrance of this garden. Other attracting features of this Italian garden are free standing doric columns, fish rill, fountains and casino buildings.

French Garden

The French Garden in Alamatti Dam is an ornamental hedge with a high raise Building in the back drop. This garden is connected by the entrance plaza and having radial path ways and water channels.

Gopal Krishna Park

The Gopal krishna Park is just opposite to the ARBC jack well and the location of this park has its own scenic beauty. Thus the area of this place was chosen for development of garden. The theme of the park is taken from the inspiration of Krishna River. The pranks, mischief and the cleverness of Lord Krishna are exposited artistically in this garden attracts thousands of tourists. Complete area of this garden is covered with lawn hedges, flowerbeds, ground cover, shrubs and fruit yielding hybrid varieties of mango, chikoo, guava, mandarin and jackfruit, custard apple, wood apple, rose apple are planted. In addition to this Sculptures of Yashoda Krishna, Gopal Krishna, Rasaleela of Krishna, Shanka and Chakra, Krishna Gopika’ s scenes are created and adorned artistically in this garden. To maintain the beauty and glory of this garden painting works and minor repairs are done frequently.

Lavakush Park

This Lavakush garden is developed mainly to attract the children by viewing the childhood activities of lavakusha. This include playing in cradle with their mother Sita, taking education with their Gurus and learning bill and bow education from their Guru Ashvamedhayaga of Rama. Another four sectors in this garden depicts the war between Lava-Kush’s and Shatrughna, vanar sena and Rama. All sculptures in this garden are made by using cement and steel. Natural pavements are done along the paths and two waterfalls and water channels have been created here. The area of this garden developed with lawn, hedges, flower beds, ground cover and ornamental shrubs and shade bearing and ornamental plants. This garden has a view point of sunset and a broad view of Almatti dam.

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