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Jod Gumbaz Bijapur


Jod Gumbaz is a popular heritage monument in the Bijapur city in Karnataka. Bijapur is considered as one of the popular heritage cities in the country. This place is visited by numerous tourists every day.  Jod Gumbaz constitutes two cenotaphs within it and that is why the structure is called in the name Jod Gumbaz. Even though the structure is constructed in smaller size when compared to other tombs in the Bijapur city, its historical importance makes it a favorite destination of travelers to the city of Bijapur.

Features of Jod Gumbaz

Jod Gumbaz houses the tombs of Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri. Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri are considered as traitors who helped Aurangzeb to conquer the city of Bijapur. This structure has two domes and beautifully carved chambers, in which the tombs of Khan Muhammad and Abdul Razzaq Qadiri are located. The construction works of this structure was completed in the year of 1687 and it is also called in the name Abdul Razzaq Dargah in Bijapur. Visitors to this tomb are welcomed by serving a spoon of holy water, which is somewhat similar to a custom followed in the Hindu temples. The entry is prohibited to women to one of the tombs in Jod Gumbaz. The tombs in Jod Gumbaz are provided at an elevated area from the floor level and they are separated with wooden walls from other areas in the Jod Gumbaz.

Accessibility to Jod Gumbaz

The site is located close to the Mecca gate in Bijapur and can be accessed from the center of the Bijapur city easily. A typical Bijapur horse cart ride is available in the name of Tonga ride in the location of Jod Gumbaz. It will be a different experience to watch the tombs of the people who caused the end of the famous Adil Shahi dynasty in deccan after wandering around the glorious monuments built by Adil Shahis within the citadel of the ancient Bijapur city.

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