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Tourist Places near Bijapur

Tourism in Bijapur mainly revolves around the heritage sites in the city and places near to the city of Bijapur with historical importance. Popular places located near to Bijapur in Karnataka are Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole, Koppal, Hampi, Lakkundi, Gadag-Betageri and Kudala Sangama. These are popular tourist destinations in Karnataka and located within a 300 km circle from the Bijapur city, the headquarters of Bijapur district in Karnataka. Details of popular places located near to Bijapur are included here:


tourist places near Bijapur

Badami is a popular place in the Karnataka state and it is located in the Bagalkot district, one of the neighbouring districts of Bijapur. The location is just about hundred kilo meters away from the Bijapur city. Chalukyas used Badami as their capital during the time between 6th and 8th centuries. The attractions of Badami include Agasthya Lake, many cave temples and beautiful sand stone hills. Shiva temples, the Bhutanatha Temple, and the Dattatreya temple are famous temples in this location. Badami was a part of the Bijapur district before the separation of the Bagalkot district from Bijapur, a few years before. It is usual that travelers visiting the Hindu and Jain cave temples in Badami, while coming to Bijapur.

How to reach - Badami can be accessed from Bijapur by travelling around a 100 kilometers along the Gulbarga Bijapur Hubli Hwy - NH 218. Badami road from SH 57 can take travelers to Badami.

Pattadakal Near Bijapur

Pattadakal Near Bijapur

Pattadakal is a place located 100 kilometers distant from the city of Bijapur. This location is famous for its heritage. The city was believed to be built by the famous Chalukya dynasty, who ruled majority of the Deccan during the initial stages of medieval. Land marks in this ancient city remind the travelers about the glory of Chalukya dynasty. This city stands on the banks of the beautiful river called Malaprabha River in Karnataka. The name given to the city Pattadakal means “the city of crown rubies. Temples of Hindu and Jain communities, built during the time of Chalukyas can be seen here widely. These ancient temples itself makes Pattadakal a favorite destination of tourists.

How to reach - Pattadakal is near to Badami and can be reached by the Gulbarga Bijapur Hubli Hwy - NH 218. It will take around 2 hours to reach Pattadakal from Bijapur.

Kudala Sangama Near Bijapur

Kudala Sangama Near Bijapur

Kudala Sangama is one of the popular pilgrim centers located in the north side of Karnataka state. This location is a holy place to majority of the people lives in the Karnataka state, who belong the Lingayat community. The Samadhi (cenotaph) of Basavanna, the founder of Lingayat community in Karnataka is situated here and it attracts people from every sides of the state. Kudala Sangama is situated at a distance of 05 kilometers from the city of Bijapur at the border of the Bagalkot and Bijapur districts. Krishna and Ghataprabha rivers meets at Kudala Sangama, makes the location a place with beautiful views of nature.

How to reach - A one and a half hour journey along the Solapur – Mysore highway is required to reach Kudala Sangama from Bijapur city.

Aihole Near Bijapur

Places near Bijapur

Aihole is a place located hardly at a distance of 90 kilometers from the city of Bijapur. The place has a considerable position among the heritage tourist destinations of Karnataka. Temples built by the Chalukya dynasty is the major factor attracting people to Aihole. Malaprabha River flows along the sides of this city. This city was built by Chalukyas as their first capital during the initial stages of the Chalukya dynasty. More than 120 temples are situated in Aihole, most of which were constructed by Chalukyas. Many of the temples in Aihole are in ruins today. Ravana Phadi cave temple and Gowda temple are the popular two temples in this location.

How to reach - Aihole can be reached from Bijapur along the Gulbarga Bijapur Hubli Hwy -NH 218, with a one and a half hour journey.

Koppal Near Bijapur

Koppal Near Bijapur

Koppal can be considered as one of the popular weekend getaway destinations as well as a location of historical importance in the north Karnataka. The place is a prominent spot in the tourism map of Karnataka. This ancient city was ruled by famous rulers of different emperors in the history. Hoysala dynasty, Chalukyas, and Nizam of Hyderabad are some of the famous dynasties who ruled Koppal in the history. Amriteshwara temple, Kashivishveshwara temple, and Mahadeva temple are must see places in Koppal.

How to reach - Koppal can be reached by travailing around 2 hours from Bijapur along the Solapur – Mysore highway. Hampi, another popular heritage site is located near to Koppal.

Hampi Near Bijapur

Hampi Near Bijapur

Hampi is an ancient city in north Karnataka and it was the capital of Vijayanagara kings from the 13th century to the 16th century.  People believe that Hampi is the place mentioned in Ramayana in the name Kishkintha. By considering the historical importance of the location, Hampi has been included to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. River Tungabhadra flow passing this ancient city. Virupaksha Temple, Vittala temple and Anjeneyadri temple are well known temples in Hampi. Bijapur city is located at a distance of 190 kilometers from Hampi.

How to reach - Hampi can be accessed by travelling for three hours along the Solapur – Mysore highway. The Hubli - Karwar road connects the highway to Hampi.

Lakkundi Near Bijapur

Lakkundi Near Bijapur

Lakkundi is a village in north Karnataka hosting a number of ruined temples. Mallikarjuna, Virabhadra, Manikeshwara, Nanneshwara, Lakshminarayana, Someshwara, and Nilakanteshwara are some of the ancient temples seen in this region. Archaeological Survey of India runs a gallery here, displaying varieties of ancient sculptures. Stepped wells built by Kalyani Chalukyas are widely seen here.

How to reach - Lakkundi is located just 11 kilometers distant from Gadag.

Gadag-Betageri Near Bijapur

Gadag-Betageri is a poplar town located in the Gadag district of Karnataka at approximate distance of 100 kilometers from the Bijapur city. The location is a combination of two renowned ancient cities Gadag and Betageri. Temples and structures dated back to the time of Chalukyas in Deccan is the chief attraction of Gadag-Betageri.

How to reach - The place is located on the Gutti-Vasco National Highway, at a distance of 80 km from Dharwad and 60 km from Hubli.

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