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Shopping in Bijapur


Shopping in the markets, streets and shopping centers of Bijapur can said to be addictive. The shopping area of Bijapur city can attract people of diverse tastes, especially those who have the craze of antiques and archeological stuffs. Shopping locations like Ghandi Square (chowk) and Bijapur bazaar are the places where the travelers and natives of Bijapur enjoy the wonderful experience of bargaining and shopping. Shopping complexes like Mirji Show Room and M S Samrubhi Traders are the locations where people of Bijapur enjoy the experience of shopping like in a well developed city.
Large no. of travelers arrive the city of Bijapur every year is considered as a major aim of many of the markets and shopping areas in Bijapur. The time of festivals like Deepavali, Holi, and Eid is the best season of shopping in Bijapur. During the festivals the markets and shops in the Bijapur locality become most crowded areas of the city.

Shopping Malls in Bijapur

Even though Bijapur is not a well developed city, it hosts two multi floor shopping complexes. Mirji Show Room and M S Samrubhi Traders are famous two shopping centers in Bijapur. These locations can be suggested as a good option to the tourists, who wish to have some memorable shopping time in Bijapur city.

Mirji Show Room, Bijapur

The Mirji Show Room is a popular shopping hub situated on the Azad road in Bijapur in Karnataka. The location is famous for the sale of cloths. Children’s and gents readymade garments retail shops in Mirji Show Room is the main attraction of this complex.

M S Samrubhi Traders

The M S Samrubhi Traders shopping center in Bijapur is one of the primary choices of the people live in this small city to shop variety of products. All the products from cloths items to fashion accessories are available under the roof of M S Samrubhi Traders in Bijapur.

Ghandi Square (chowk) in Bijapur

Ghandi Square is a prominent market area in the city if Bijapur in Karnataka. The location hosts numerous shops selling variety of items like fruits, vegetables, hand crafts, and many more. A visit to this market is capable of giving a wonderful experience of shopping and bargaining. A close vision of the local marketing techniques, agricultural products and people of Bijapur is available in the Ghandi Square (chowk) and surrounded areas of the city.

M.G Road in Bijapur
Decorated MG Road in Bijapur

M.G Road in Bijapur

M.G Road is the most popular location of shopping in the city of Bijapur. The road passes through the heart of the Bijapur city and has so many branches of roads on its both sides. All the roads connected to M.G Road in Bijapur are also well known shopping destinations in the city.  A walk along the M.G Road in Bijapur will provide a vision of different markets and well established shops. Shopping at the M.G Road would be remarkable experience in Bijapur. All the items like cloths, jewels, automobile accessories, cloths, electronic goods, food, sandals, and fashion accessories are available in Bijapur. The location is seen crowded every day in the year.

Sports Shops in Bijapur

Sport is a part of the culture of Bijapur. There are many sports shops in this city providing varieties of sports accessories. The locations mentioned below would be helpful for the people who want buy some sports accessories from Bijapur.
  • Cozy Enterprises
  • Chota Bazar, Masjid Complex, 1st Floor, Ram Mandir Road, Bijapur 
  • Sunny Sports and Science,
  • Patankar Building, Koujalagi Lane, Azad Road, Bijapur
  • Padamshree Gifts and Sports
  • Gandhi Chowk, MG Road, Bijapur

Azad Road in Bijapur

Azad road is an eminent shopping destination in Bijapur. Many of the famous jeweler groups have showrooms in the Azad road in Bijapur. The location is also famous for textile shops. Azad road would be the first consideration for shopping jewels for their loved ones for the people in Bijapur. The road is also close to some other popular shopping destinations in Bijapur city.

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