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Social Welfare Services in Bijapur


Bijapur society constitute of many nongovernmental organizations, charitable trusts, and old age homes. These organizations work for the empowerment of women, maintenance of the ecological balance, eradication of corruption, well being of senior citizens, and many other aims. Their efforts are even helpful in preventing child labor, promoting literacy, and taking care of orphans. The nongovernmental organizations in Bijapur city have a common motto of protecting human rights and they spread their messages and visions among the people of the city. Some of such organizations working for the social justice and equity in Bijapur locality are added below:

Spurthi Mahila Mandal

Spurthi Mahila Mandal is one of the popular organizations in Karnataka working for the empowerment of women. The Spurthi Mahila Mandal is very much active in the Bijapur area of north Karnataka and the activities of the organization could cause a deep impact on the living standard of women in the society. United efforts of the Spurthi Mahila Mandal members in Bijapur in conserving the women’s rights were successful so far and they are still engaged in their activities for the effective management of Natural Resources and safety of children.
Address: Spurthi Mahila Mandal, Varsha, Sadashiv Nagar, Solapur Road, Bijapur Bazaar, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586101
Phone number: (08352) 260454

World Vision India in Bijapur

World Vision India is an internationally established Christian humanitarian organization working with the intention of helping children and families in India suffering poverty and injustice. The organization helps the people regardless of their religion, color, caste, gender, or race. The organization has their presence in more than 170 districts in India, including the district of Bijapur in north Karnataka. World Vision India activities also include immediate disaster relief assistance and conservation of children. They want every child in the locality to be educated, healthy and protected.
Address: World Vision India, No.516, Amara Sangama Bldg, Nr Bda Office, K K Clny, Jalanagar, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586101
Phone number: (08352) 278074

Vidya Poshak

Vidya Poshak is one of the registered nongovernmental organizations in India working for the development of education field. The Vidya Poshak organization was started at Dharwad in the year of 2001 by a group of people who were interested in contributing to the educational development of the country. The organization supports the financially backward bright student in different states of India. Vidya Poshak organization is active with their education promoting activities in the Bijapur district of Karnataka. Graduate Finishing School, Nurture Merit, School Leadership Development Program and Centre for Development of Soft Skills are some of the famous projects of the organization in India.
Address: Vidya Poshak, Opp Umashankar Kalyan Mantapa, Uppli Burj Rd, Bijapur HO, Bijapur, Karnataka - 586101
Phone number: (08352) 224210

Kanarese North side Gramin and Krushi Vikasvardhak Association

The Kanarese North side Gramin and Krushi Vikasvardhak Association is one of the registered associations in Karnataka promoting agriculture. The organization was registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 and started operating in the year of 2010. This organization is active in all the districts of Karnataka state and it has introduced considerable changes in the agricultural sector of the Karnataka state. The Kanarese North side Gramin and Krushi Vikasvardhak Association in the Bijapur locality have been initiated many rural development programs and agriculture promotion programs.
Address: North side Gramin and Krushi Vikasvardhak (KNGKVS) Association
Almel-586202 Bijapur
Phone number: 9972905767

Bijapur Liberal District Educational Association (BLDEA)

The Bijapur Liberal District Educational Association, which is commonly called in the name BLDEA, is a charitable trust operating in the educational field of Bijapur district in Karnataka. The association established in the year of 1910, before India’s independence is one of the oldest organizations still acting in the Bijapur locality. This organization presently run about 75 educational institutions in Karnataka and offer varieties of courses including degree course in engineering, medicine, commerce and science.
Address: BLDE, Smt. Bagaramma Sajjan Campus, Bijapur-586103, Karnataka
Phone number: 918352 262770, +918352 262507

New Society for Women


New society for women is an NGO working in the Bijapur city since the year of 1993. This organization has raised their voice against the civic issues and human rights violations in the city of Bijapur. They are also active in the field of women empowerment, and promotion of Education & Literacy. The new society for women has their presence in the neighbouring districts like Bagalkot, Belgaum, Bellary, Bidar, and Gulbarga.
Address: New Society for Women, Adarshnagar, Asramroad, Bijapur-586103, Karnataka
Phone number: 08352-260159, 9886948280

Vivekanand Janaseva Vidya Kendra

The Vivekanand Janaseva Vidya Kendra is a registered organization working for the social development in Bijapur since the year of 1984. They have contributed their efforts for the development of agriculture, education, and facilities in Bijapur.
Address: Hiremath Building, Gangapuram Colony, Jail Road, Bijapur - 586 101
Phone number
: 08352-220240, 9379095161

Shimmer Urban and Rural Development Association

The Shimmer urban and rural development association is one of the major organizations functioning in the Bijapur location for the encouragement of Animal Husbandry in Bijapur. Their efforts were also helpful for the uplifting of the   Sports, Science, and Technology in Bijapur.
Address: R. A Motiwale, opp. Mals nursing home, jalanagar, Bijapur, Karnataka
Phone number: 0230-2420164, 9422620834

Kala Chetan Yuva Samsthe

Kala Chetan Yuva Samsthe is one of the popular associations of the youth in the Bijapur district. Their activities are mainly on the fields of Agriculture, Art & Culture, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy, Environmental issues, and Employment in Bijapur.
Address: Kala chetan yuva samsthe Office, Behind S.P Bangle, Bismilla Manzil
Near Nagar Bawadi House, Bijapur
Phone number: 9448439960

Nirmal Women and Child Development Society

Nirmal Women and Child Development Society started working in the year of 2004 in Bijapur. The organization is active in Bagalkot, Bidar, and Gulbarga districts located close to Bijapur. The field of activities of the Nirmal Women and Child Development Society also include Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS, Minority Issues, Women's Development & Empowerment, Human Rights and Urban Development.
Address: Nirmal women development society, Sindagi Taluk, dist Bijapur
Phone number: 8488221930, 9972435327

Image Educational and Literary Cultural Social Welfare Association

The Image Educational and Literary Cultural Social Welfare Association in Bijapur is one of the newest organizations operating in Karnataka state for the promotion of literacy and education. This organization was registered in the year of 2008 in Bijapur and started to spread awareness about the necessity of education and women empowerment among the people.
Contact Person: Zakir Husen
Jorapur Peth, New Kumbar Galli, Near Water Tank, Bijapur - 586101
Phone Number:

Bijapur District’s Physically Handicapped Welfare Association

Bijapur District Physically Handicapped Welfare Association runs many vocational Training centers, High schools and Employment Information centers in Bijapur for the Handicapped. It has an aim of providing better education to the Handicapped students in the locality.
Address: Matapati Galli, Bijapur 586101
Phone number:

Elixir Association

Elixir Association is a nongovernmental organization working in the Bijapur district. The organization was registered and started to function in the year of 2010. Agriculture, Art & Culture, Children, Education & Literacy, Drinking Water and Poverty Alleviation are the major fields of operation of Elixir Association.
Address: No-898, R R Patil farms, opp Vijay motors, Ganesh chowk. Bijapur
Phone number: 08352316296

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