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Taj Bawadi in Bijapur


Taj Bawadi is a great water tank built by the Ibrahim’s II for the remembrance his first wife Taj Sultana. This is an arch surrounded by two octagonal towers in its front and the east and west wings of the towers form rest houses. This famous well is situated in the heart of the Bijapur city. One of the mythologies with this well is that once a stone is thrown from one end it does not reach the other end. It is believed that this well has more than 100 feet depth.

History of Taj Bawadi

Taj Bawadi, the living well of Bijapur is one the main source of water during Adil Shahi Dynasty. This enhancing bawadi is always filled with water till about three centuries ago with the unique architecture, attractive carvings and grandeur of Adil Shahi's Dynasty. Adil shahis were very famous for their able administration and love for music. They are also recognized for the excellent water supply schemes that they were implemented. There are lots of historical evidences to show that they have owned deep knowledge about water harvesting.

However they did not considered water as mere daily necessity, they also considered it as a luxury commodity to indulge in water sports. The water is supplied to the inner part of the cities through the tunnels to bawadies by collecting the water in the hills outside the Bijapur city. Historians says that the density of population was very high in Bijapur during the reign of Ibrahim Adil Shah II and Mohammed Adil Shah so the city probably consumed double the quantity of water it needed.

Features of Taj Bawadi

Bawdies are the other name of wells and there are numerous bawadies in Bijapur. Of these, Taj Bawadi is one of the biggest one and attracts the visitors due to its artistic excellence. Among all the bawadies in Bijapur, Taj Bawdy occupies the first place with its size and grandeur. Taj Bawdi is a square shaped water tank and passage runs along the entrance with halting rooms at its left, right and in the front. The parapet walls opposite to the entrance of the bawadi are decorated with carved arches and Taj Bawadi is differing from each bawadies in Bijapur by its architecture significance.

Taj Bawadi at Present

This historical bawadi is now in a state of neglect. The water in this well is stinking after it got mixed with drainage. In the month of December when hundreds of fish died in the well, the deputy commissioner of Karnataka state has instructed the officers to conduct a detailed survey about the contamination of the water in Taj Bawadi and to take necessary steps to protect this historical well from drainage.

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