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Tourism in Bijapur

Bijapur city, the headquarters of the Bijapur district in north Karnataka is a prominent tourist spot in the tourism map of Karnataka. This city built in the ancient times and home to several architectural wonders and historical monuments. Structures built in Islamic architecture before centuries in Bijapur are visible at different sides of the city. All these structures tell the stories of Adil Shahi dynasty ruled the city for a period of time in the history.

Mosques, temples, forts, palaces, and museums are the major tourist attractions of Bijapur. On a trip to this ancient city, one can closely know the history, culture, and people of Bijapur. A large no. of people reaches Bijapur every day to enjoy the beauty of this historic city. Majority of the visitors include pilgrims to the famous pilgrimage centers in Bijapur. Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation conducts trips regularly to the areas in northern Karnataka including the city of Bijapur.

Historical Monuments in Bijapur

Gol Gumbaz

Tourism in Bijapur

The Gol Gumbaz is one of the popular monuments in Bijapur. The structure is the tomb of Mohammed Adil Shah, who ruled the city before centuries. The structure has one of the largest domes ever built in the history of world. There is a whispering gallery in Gol Gumbaz, where the sound produced in low strengths can be heard clearly into a distance up to 37 meters. There is also a mosque in this ancient monument built by the Adil Shahi dynasty.

Ibrahim Rauza

Tourism in Bijapur

Ibrahim Rauza is the place, where the former ruler of Adil Shahi dynasty is buried. He was the fifth king of the dynasty and ruled the kingdom from AD 1580 to AD 1627. The symmetric feature of the structure is the most important attraction of Ibrahim Rauza.


Bijapur Tourism

The name Malik-e-Maidan means ‘the Monarch of the Plains’ and it is one of the largest medieval cannons in the world. The cannon have a diameter of 1.5 meter and 4 meter length. The cannon were brought from Ahmadnagar to Bijapur in the seventeenth century. The platform on which the cannon have been placed is known as the Sherza Burj (Lion Gate).

Upli Buruj

Tourism in Bijapur

The Upli Buruj is a tower built in the 16th century by Hyder Khan. The tower has a height of 80 feet and a wonderful view of the city is available from the top of the tower. The tower was used for watching the nearby locations and boundaries of the city in ancient times. There are two guns at the top of Upli Buruj.

Chand Bawdi

The Chand Bawdi is a huge tank built close to the eastern boundary of the city of Bijapur. The tank was built by Ali Adil Shah in the 16th century. The structure built with a capacity of 20 million liters provided better water supply in the Bijapur city. The tank has been named after wife of Ali Adil Shah, Chand Bibi.

Asar Mahal

Asar Mahal is a beautiful structure built by Mohammed Adil Shah in the 17th century. The hairs from the Prophet's beard are protected here. There are three tanks in this building. The tank situated in the center is the biggest tank in Asar Mahal and has a height of 15 feet. Women are not allowed inside this building.

Alamatti Dam (Lal Bahaddur Shastri Sagar)

The Alamatti Dam is a beautiful spot in Bijapur. The location is embellished with beautiful fountains and gardens to ensure some pleasant time to the people visiting the Alamatti Dam. The dam acts as the major reservoir to the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project.

Parks and Gardens in Bijapur

Rock Hill Garden

Tourism in Bijapur

The Rock Hill Garden is the most famous garden in the city of Bijapur. The garden is located close to another tourist attraction of Bijapur, Alamatti Dam. There are many fountains installed in this garden to make it more attractive. There is also a man made forest area in the Rock Hill Garden.

Museums in Bijapur

The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Bijapur is operating in the Naqquar Khana of the Gol Gumbaz Complex. The museum was opened in the year of 1892 as Bijapur's district museum and converted as a site museum in 1982. Naqquar Khana, the complex in which the museum works is built in the Adil shahi architectural style and the museum hosts a long list of artifacts. The museum has 6 galleries on two floors. Each of these galleries displays different kind of objects.

Religious Places in Bijapur


This is a popular mosque in Bijapur, situated at the east of another popular structure Chini Mahal, in Bijapur. The mosque looks really like a Hindu temple. The name of the builder of this structure, Ravayya of Salotgi, is sculptured on a pillar, in the mosque, in old Kannada letters. It is being believed that these letters are scripted during the 14th century.

Jami Masjid

Bijapur Tourism

The Jami Masjid in Bijapur is the largest as well as the oldest Masjids in the Deccan region. The Masjid was built by Ali Adil Shah I during the initial stages of the Adil shahi dynasti. The mosque is built in a rectangular shape with length of the sides as 120 meter and 85 meter. The major entrance to the mosque is built on the east side and total area covered by the mosque is calculated to be 116,300 square feet. The dome built with good proportions is the major attraction of this architectural wonder.

Lord Shiva Statue

Tourism in Bijapur

The Lord Shiva Statue in Bijapur is the second largest statue of lord Shiva in India. This Shiva statue with 85 feet height was erected by the T.K. Patil Banakatti Charitable Trust in the Bijapur city. The place where the statue is located, Shivapur on Sindagi Road, in Bijapur is a developing pilgrimage center in the north Karnataka. It took around 13 months for the sculptors from Shimoga to complete the construction of this statue weighing 1,500 tones.

Malik Sandals Mosque

This ancient mosque is located just 75 yards away from another mosque in Bijapur, Bukhara Mosque. The mosque is built in a combination of Hindu-Muslim architecture. The roof of the mosque is supported by eight faced columns like in Hindu temples. Except the western mihrab and central dome, almost every part of the mosque resembles a Hindu temple.

Narasimha temple

The Narasimha temple in Bijapur is one of the highly revered temples in the Bijapur city. The temple is located at the west center of the Bijapur citadel, under the shade of a papal tree. The temple is also famous in the name Narasoba in Bijapur. Dattareya is the main idol in this temple and sandals of Saint Narasimha Saraswathi are also protected here.

Malika Jahan Begam’s Mosque

Malika Jahan Begam’s Mosque is a popular mosque built on the west side of the Bijapur citadel. The mosque was constructed by Ibrahim Adil Sha II and named after his wife Mallika Jahan Begam. The mosque has so many attractive architectural works within it.

Mecca mosque

The Mecca mosque is a mosque situated at the middle of the Bijapur citadel. This mosque constructed during the time of Ibrahim II is one of the smallest mosques in the city and looks attractive.

Torvi Narasimha Temple

This is a famous temple situated 5 kilometer away from the city of Bijapur in Torvi. The temple is built in underground near to the Sangeeth Mahal of Adil Shahi. A rush of devotees to this temple is common on every Saturdays of the week.

Kudala Sangama

Kudala Sangama is one of the most popular pilgrimage centres of the Lingayat community. The place is located just 15 kilometers away from the Almatti Dam, in Bijapur. The location is a meeting place of the Krishna River and Ghataprabha River. The Samadhi of Basavanna, who found the Lingayat community is the major fact, attracts people to this location.

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC)

Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation is an authority formed by the government of Karnataka for the promotion of tourism in the state of Karnataka. The corporation is working on an intention to provide assistance to the people visiting the tourist locations within the state and promoting tourist locations.
  • Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation Office
  • Address: 49, 2nd Floor, Khanija Bhavan,  Race Course Road, Bangalore 560 001
  • Phone: 080-2235 2901 / 02 / 03, 2235 2384. (10.00 am to 5.30pm)
  • KSTDC booking office in Bangalore
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Shrungar shopping Complex, M.G road, Bangalore-560001
  • Phone: 087222 21000 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm)
The semi-arid climate observed in Bijapur is an important factor determining the tourist seasons in Bijapur city. April may months are the hottest time in Bijapur and a tour to the city won’t be advisable during this time. December, January months is the time when Bijapur shows minimum atmospheric temperature. Time between October, March months can be said as the perfect time to visit Bijapur.

Restaurants and Hotels in Bijapur for Tourists

There are many restaurants operating in the city of Bijapur to provide food to the numerous tourists arriving here. Dishes including local dishes, foreign and Indian dishes are also served in these restaurants. The local food items available in Bijapur restaurants would provide an opportunity to become familiar with the Bijapur flavors. To provide comfortable accommodation to the numerous travelers reaching the city of Bijapur, there are many hotels working here with attractive accommodation and food facilities. A list of major restaurants and popular hotels in Bijapur is given below:
  • Kammath Restaurant
  • Mysore Restaurant
  • Basava Restaurant
  • Bean Brew Cafe
  • Madhuvan Restaurant
  • Royal Restaurant
  • Rajdhani Hotel
  • Triveni Hotel
  • Hotel Heritage International
  • Heritage Bar & Restaurant
  • Hotel Pleasant Stay
  • Pearl Hotel
  • Madhuvan International Hotel
  • Hotel Kanishka International
  • Navaratna International Hotel
  • Hotel Shashinag Residency
  • Parekh Residency
  • Hotel Ratna Palace
  • Mayura Adil Shahi Hotel
  • Hotel Royal Residency

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